What is #Holyrood100?

#Holyrood100 is my personal project to document the 2016 Scottish General Election and the European Referendum in June 2016 here in Scotland.  

Elections bring us together in a way that very few events can match.  Families are divided, passions run high and politicians do very silly things in an effort to gain votes!  The project wont be just lots of images of politicians but it will capture what it means to be involved in an election.  Most of the time political campaigning is a fairly thankless task but thousands of volunteers across the country will give up a lot of their time, put family and personal lives on hold and work hard to get their candidate elected.  They are the true celebrities of an election but most of the time they are forgotten by the headline writers and even on occasions, dare I say it the candidates!

Having been involved in political campaigning for most of my life I wanted to show the real story of an election away from the bill boards, policy announcements and party political broadcasts.  So this project will focus not just on the spotlight but also in the shadows.

I will be contacting all the political groups involved in the election and travelling around the country to follow the campaign as the title suggests over 100 days.  The project will end with an exhibition and potentially a book as well.  I will also be using social media as well as sharing other images that build up the story.  

I'd be delighted if you'd join me on this journey and visit the images page of the site as we build a bigger and bigger library of shots.