Starting point

Wow my first proper blog!  I've called this 'Starting Point' as that's what it is!  Over coming months I'll be talking about the gigs I've been to, interesting people I've me and over time I'll be giving tips and helping you out if you're just starting in the industry.

I've recently moved to Edinburgh from London and I've noticed a lot of differences between the two cities, and not just the language and the price of a pint! The live music scene is much more accessible which for me is great but also for the audience.  Smaller venues make for a much more imersive live experinece for the audience and artist alike!  I shot my first gig at The Caves in Edinburgh and I was thrilled that it was Martin Stephenson and the Dainties.  I have a historic love of the band-I first saw them at uni which takes me back and gives me some happy memories.  Secondly he's a north eastern performer,  I always love hearing my native accent and words and expressions!  One of the benefits of the move north has been access to Sunderland and 'The Stadium of Light'.  If thats a benefit at the moment I'm not certain however!

I digress however let's talk about the gig.  If you haven't seen the Dainties, and judging by the size of the audience last Thursday that's a lot of you, then I recommend it.  Martin is very engaging with the audience and every song has an anecdote attached to it.  The occasional technical hitch adds to the enjoyment of an artist who loves what he does for it's own sake.  He's not doing it for simply commercial success but for the love of music.  Thats what I love about shooting live gigs.  So many artists are not commercially successful but continue to perform for the sake of the music.  A bit like 'In it to win it' on the National Lottery even now and again one of them is plucked from relative obscurity to superstardom.  Two years ago I shot Sam Smith in a room at the back of a pub with seven people in the audience.  Two years later he has a Bond Single.  It happens and sometimes to artists who deserve it!

Anyway back to the gig.  The Dainties play a mix of folk come country come southern US music.  It's diverse but fun and well performed.  They played for nigh on two hours and covered old material and some more recent pieces.  Even the intervention of a fan who actually approached the stage and asked for a picture during the gig didn't knock them off step!  A rousing encore was received by the entire audience that included crime writer Ian Rankin.  The venue was great with pub prices in the bar and good acoustics.

See the images from the gig here.