What a year it's been...!

What a year it’s been…!

At this time of year its natural to review the activity of the last 12 months and wow 2015 didn’t disappoint. 

The start of the year saw my first exhibition in a major show of contempary music photographer held in Minneapolis in the USA.  My close up shot of Beatie Wolfe taken in the summer of 2014 was selected because I managed in the words of the judges to ‘capture the soul of the performer’.  More about Beatie later!

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some amazing gigs this last year and worked with some great people.  I’ve also had some fun with portraits and found myself in some very odd situations.  Strangest must have been telling Moshi Monsters founder and CEO of Mindcandy Michael Acton Smith to sprint across his office and dive head first into a pile of Moshi Bean Bags.  I think his coms manager had heart failure!

I was also honoured to take the images for the official NSPCC and Warchild charity single ‘Wish’.  It was an incredibly uplifting weekend to be surrounded by a group of kids who had all been selected by Beatie Wolfe for their ‘Wish for the World’.

The start of 2015 was busy and a high point was agreeing to shoot for a US based website Music Existence, the sight has gone from strength to strength and in 2016 hopefully we’ll be working together more and more.

The big news from the year came in the summer when I moved lock, stock and barrel north of the border to Edinburgh leaving behind my home in London where I’ve been for the last 25 years.  So I now find myself living in East Lothian just outside of the Scottish Capital.  Moving up here has been amazing in the last four months I’ve done a photo shoot with Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, loads of gigs including the legendary Jonny Marr and worked out of the globally famous Barrowlands in Glasgow. 

I’ve just signed to shoot with independent magazine ‘The Skinny’ which is fantastic and I’m looking forward to a long-term relationship with them.  Early signs look good!

Finally I’m going to be running a number of online workshops and a very exciting project, which I’ll reveal more about in due course.  Here’s to 2016!